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Poverty not the American dream

07/10/2009 22:04
  The picture says it all.  With 37 million in poverty, don't you think that something can and needs to be done?  Poverty is not the American Dream.

Making money ideas for 2009 - reprint

31/03/2009 12:53
Make Money in 2009 - 3 Make Money Ideas for 2009 Author: Stavros Georgiadis Make money in 2009. Start the new year with a make money attitude and orientation. So if 2008 was a bad year for the whole economy you can make 2009 a much better year with lots of make money ideas and plans. Above all...

No more money

26/03/2009 09:02
Well, it seems that the economic woes of the nation have also hit the income markets of the internet. and have both shut down their article sites.  It appears that these sites are being run and administed under contemporary business rules and thus their...

End of the line

26/03/2009 08:37
Hey folks!  It seems that Informative and have both gone out of business.  So that means we can't make money there any more.  Try using  It is easy and well worth the time. 

Renters beware

05/01/2009 15:09
The Houston, Texas areas have been experiencing higher than normal rates for home evictions of renters falling behind on their rent. Recently Abc news affiliate channel 13 aired news of one such eviction,  What made it different was that they were not much behind coupled with the landlord...

Mr Dprince Knows

05/01/2009 14:58
Hey folks! Just to let you know I have joined at a new site to add more blogs. Look for the blog Mr Dprince Knows at   

Merry Christmas

25/12/2008 09:20
I just wanted to wish each and everyone a very Merry Christmas holiday and pray that you make it safely into the new year.  Hopefully, this site will be complete by then.  God Bless.

Help T.C woman

05/12/2008 13:20
In my blog there is mention of a Texas City,Texas woman who nearly died for reason still not ye fully uncovered.  I have never raised funds for anyone before but I added a paypal portal for donations.  Anything would be a help to put her back on her feet again.  If you are...

mlm: Try to understand

05/12/2008 09:04
Over the past 20 years or so I continued to read article after article about the negatives of multi-lvel marketing programs.  Not even President Bush got slammed as much. The truth is that mlm is a very viable way to increase income because it employs all the basic business principles....

Texas City woman

04/12/2008 14:25
A Texas City, Texas woman was found in her home in deplorable conditions and near death.  The story caught my eye and then I found out that I knew her.  She actually dated my uncle for a time.  She was ...sorry, is a very good woman and has helped many in times of need.   I...

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