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Poverty not the American dream

07/10/2009 22:04


The picture says it all.  With 37 million in poverty, don't you think that something can and needs to be done?  Poverty is not the American Dream.


Making money ideas for 2009 - reprint

31/03/2009 12:53

Make Money in 2009 - 3 Make Money Ideas for 2009

Author: Stavros Georgiadis

Make money in 2009. Start the new year with a make money attitude and orientation. So if 2008 was a bad year for the whole economy you can make 2009 a much better year with lots of make money ideas and plans. Above all the make money idea requires positive thinking and belief. And being creative. We will present some make money ideas for 2009.

Make money in 2009 idea number 1. A classic but yet effective one. Start and join an affiliate business . An affiliate business is the easiest way to make money since it requires usually a small or free initial investment. It is ideal for both beginners and experienced internet marketers and the variety of ways to make money is enormous. Someone active in internet marketing can make money with plenty of ways, goods, and resources: 1. Make money with books and magazines 2. Make money with wellness and nutrition 3.Make money with personal care, business resources, consumer goods 4.Make money with informational products and the list goes on. The real beauty in this free make money business opportunity is that you have the freedom to choose what products have the highest commissions for you so that to promote only those that can bring you the highest return for your efforts and time spent.

Make money in 2009 idea number 2.Sell your own informational product . Information is one of the highest and most lucrative internet marketing money making ways. One of the most searched keyword phrase is "how to" make anything, sell anything, fix anything etc.Each person has a unique gift, talent   so try to find yours and market it! Do not be afraid of the competition as competition means two things. If there are too many webpages for a specific keyword such as cars this means that it has a lot of potential to make a profit  as many people are looking for information about this specific keyword and others have already exploited it and created their own informational pages to sell anything related to this keyword. On the other hand if it has little competition it means that perhaps you are one of the first people who found already a niche market and being at the early stages of a new market means usually a lot of profit and money to be made. Either way you can make a thorough research on major search engines and see the trends of hot topics for current year 2008. Then try to make an informational product on one topic as trends persist for a long time and do not change so easily.

Make money in 2009 idea number 3.Be controversial, and unconventional. Words like odd, unusual, unique, can be a real goldmine and make you money in 2009 if you exploit them to their full potential. Why no ordinary thoughts or ideas can make you money is simple. At some point everybody is looking for a point of differentiation, a unique idea that can create a new trend or just fill a gap that exists in social, economic, needs that has not been discovered yet. If you plan to become a millionaire make an extensive list of potential things people will want to read about during next year. Financial crisis is one top important example. Money and business have always been traditional top keyword phrases that most people are looking for. Create an informational unique product about how to make money and start an online business that will help people either to save money, make money or protect their money in bad conditions and a sure success is almost guaranteed. Of course you have to market your product also but there are plenty of free internet marketing ebooks on the web. Make money in 2009 requires creativity, imagination and why not differentiation.

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No more money

26/03/2009 09:02

Well, it seems that the economic woes of the nation have also hit the income markets of the internet. and have both shut down their article sites.  It appears that these sites are being run and administed under contemporary business rules and thus their failures under normal circumstances.  We will need to devise new ideas to bring more money into the economy through internet ventures.  Ideas that survive tough times such as we are experiencing today. 


Renters beware

05/01/2009 15:09

The Houston, Texas areas have been experiencing higher than normal rates for home evictions of renters falling behind on their rent.

Recently Abc news affiliate channel 13 aired news of one such eviction,  What made it different was that they were not much behind coupled with the landlord actually locking them out without any due process or notice.  This landlord also confiscated all their belongings including christmas presents.

Having helped with evictions, I have some knowledge of what is allowable and these acts certainly are not acceptable.  I can only hope the renters sue for breach of contract and losses with added damages and suffering.  In this area the renter must be notified in writing and then taken to court where a judgment is made.  Then a notice is handed by the local authorities to the renter allowing a set amount of time to pack up and leave

Then, should they not leave the premises, the authorities may evict them forceably and allow the landlord to lock them out after they have removed all posessions they wish to take at that moment,  The remainder of items must be placed outside on the street where the renter can either take them or allow others to take what they want or the landlord can haul to the dump. 

Some people try to move their stuff next door with friends but they must remember that by contract they cannot live there.  Landlords have the right to file a warrant of tresspass where the delinquent renter cannot be seen on their property, even to visit a friend without cause for arrest.

No one wants to see an eviction.  But, landlords must realize that even delinquent renters have some rights and among those rights is due process.


mlm: Try to understand

05/12/2008 09:04

Over the past 20 years or so I continued to read article after article about the negatives of multi-lvel marketing programs.  Not even President Bush got slammed as much.

The truth is that mlm is a very viable way to increase income because it employs all the basic business principles.  The problem is not the idea of mlm but rather the program that uses mlm and how they demand you use it.  Control is a key factor in all things.  As long as your actions are controlled then the business is the only one truly benefiting.

I had the fortune of being in Amway twice.  I had a great time but was restricted as to what I could do on my own. I never really undeerstood the business principles until a few years ago.  I would join again if they would cut the hype and mind control.

Without getting into details let me say that a matrix works, levels are viable and low costs are a definite.  But, there must be selling and profit or it doesn't work!  I will be launching a program designed to incorporate these ideas with a startup xost of about $1.00.  You read it right.  It will be for those who simply are not meant or able to handle current mlm or similar programs.

Remember, to every problem there is a solution...or at least a way around it. 


Texas City woman

04/12/2008 14:25

A Texas City, Texas woman was found in her home in deplorable conditions and near death.  The story caught my eye and then I found out that I knew her.  She actually dated my uncle for a time.  She was ...sorry, is a very good woman and has helped many in times of need.


I simply cannot believe that her son would leave her there like he did. How could he be so cold?  Where was the rest of her family?  Surely they knew something was wrong.  You just don't leave someone with maggots burrowing into their skin to die that way.  It is inhumane.  I am very upset about this and I don't know just what to do next.


The police are still looking for her son who was supposed to care for her.  Things like this are part of the reason that I am trying to develop methods, for people who lack sufficient income or means to access income streams, to gain the means necessary to have the basic needs of a good life and maybe a little more.  


Nobody should have to do without.  And I mean NOBODY. 

Please help her back on her feet. Linda Sue Sainz








American woes

19/11/2008 15:14
5:05 Pm

Have you heard of the good ol' days?  Well, it seems that we might just be heading for those good ol' days one more time.  But, they might not seem so good today.

Less money, less buying power,higher prices, higher unemployment and so many more worries are what come to my mind.  Some call it recession.  Some call it the advent of recession.  Whatever you call it, it is still a very trying time and we have now encroached on its boundaries.

By all news reports America is in its most serious economic state since the 1920's.  Quite frankly, this time I think the media finally got it right, for the most part.

The stock market fell to about half of what it once was and that fact has everyone in turmoil.  For three years I have been telling my friends it would happen and I am not any kind of financial whiz.  I do however recognize patterns to life.

 We are now at a level that(as I have predicted) is holding.  Why?  because this was the normal level before we started using new and creative financing ideas to make money.  It was all an illusion on paper.  As with all imaginations they disappear like a wisp of smoke.

Are there ways to help our economic problems on a more individual level?  I believe so and soon hope to prove it to you.  Have some ideas of your own?


Where to begin?

19/11/2008 15:06
Where to begin?
6:02 Am
The question is simple.  Where do I begin?  There are so many things to talk about.  Let me say first that you will find I am somewhat strong in my opinions and have a very strong sense of morals and beliefs.

Getting that aside let me tell you of my most immediate concern.  My belief is that there should not be any poverty to exist anywhere much less here in the good ol' U.S. of A.  I do not care what they say but I know there that there is enough for everyone to not eveer having to do without.

Will this mean the end of wealth?  Tell Bill Gates to wipe the sweat from his brow.  There will still be people of considerable wealth but there will simply be no street people begging for handouts.  No children will have to go bed hungry.  The sick will not suffer due to lack of insurance or money.

No, I am not talking about creating a socialistic state in America.  I am talking about using every means at our disposal, and there are much more than you know, to help each and every American to obtain the sufficient amount of income to meet all their basic needs and a few luxuries to boot.  Just think, there are millions who have never been to Disney World.

I believe it can be accomplished probably within a 20 year period.  It can only help if people can learn to work together for the common good of all mankind.  Working for pure profit has literally created havoc in our world and its economic systems.  As a society our days are numbered.

That is foremost on my mind and I am looking for like minded people and others who have ideas on how we can accomplish this goal of ending poverty.  Sorry, if it concerns charities I just don't believe that is the answer, at least I have seen no solid proof of it in the past half century.

If you would like some more insight into the mentality or persona of Mr Dprince then check out some of my articles previously written.  Sorry, they can't be reprinted here (except for a couple) but if you go to and search for articles under the name Joseph Dprince, you will find some interesting stuff.

First blog

19/11/2008 05:33

Our new blog has been launched today. Stay focused on it and we will try to keep you informed. You can read new posts on this blog via the RSS feed.


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