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American woes

19/11/2008 15:14
5:05 Pm

Have you heard of the good ol' days?  Well, it seems that we might just be heading for those good ol' days one more time.  But, they might not seem so good today.

Less money, less buying power,higher prices, higher unemployment and so many more worries are what come to my mind.  Some call it recession.  Some call it the advent of recession.  Whatever you call it, it is still a very trying time and we have now encroached on its boundaries.

By all news reports America is in its most serious economic state since the 1920's.  Quite frankly, this time I think the media finally got it right, for the most part.

The stock market fell to about half of what it once was and that fact has everyone in turmoil.  For three years I have been telling my friends it would happen and I am not any kind of financial whiz.  I do however recognize patterns to life.

 We are now at a level that(as I have predicted) is holding.  Why?  because this was the normal level before we started using new and creative financing ideas to make money.  It was all an illusion on paper.  As with all imaginations they disappear like a wisp of smoke.

Are there ways to help our economic problems on a more individual level?  I believe so and soon hope to prove it to you.  Have some ideas of your own?


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