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mlm: Try to understand

05/12/2008 09:04

Over the past 20 years or so I continued to read article after article about the negatives of multi-lvel marketing programs.  Not even President Bush got slammed as much.

The truth is that mlm is a very viable way to increase income because it employs all the basic business principles.  The problem is not the idea of mlm but rather the program that uses mlm and how they demand you use it.  Control is a key factor in all things.  As long as your actions are controlled then the business is the only one truly benefiting.

I had the fortune of being in Amway twice.  I had a great time but was restricted as to what I could do on my own. I never really undeerstood the business principles until a few years ago.  I would join again if they would cut the hype and mind control.

Without getting into details let me say that a matrix works, levels are viable and low costs are a definite.  But, there must be selling and profit or it doesn't work!  I will be launching a program designed to incorporate these ideas with a startup xost of about $1.00.  You read it right.  It will be for those who simply are not meant or able to handle current mlm or similar programs.

Remember, to every problem there is a solution...or at least a way around it. 


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