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Renters beware

05/01/2009 15:09

The Houston, Texas areas have been experiencing higher than normal rates for home evictions of renters falling behind on their rent.

Recently Abc news affiliate channel 13 aired news of one such eviction,  What made it different was that they were not much behind coupled with the landlord actually locking them out without any due process or notice.  This landlord also confiscated all their belongings including christmas presents.

Having helped with evictions, I have some knowledge of what is allowable and these acts certainly are not acceptable.  I can only hope the renters sue for breach of contract and losses with added damages and suffering.  In this area the renter must be notified in writing and then taken to court where a judgment is made.  Then a notice is handed by the local authorities to the renter allowing a set amount of time to pack up and leave

Then, should they not leave the premises, the authorities may evict them forceably and allow the landlord to lock them out after they have removed all posessions they wish to take at that moment,  The remainder of items must be placed outside on the street where the renter can either take them or allow others to take what they want or the landlord can haul to the dump. 

Some people try to move their stuff next door with friends but they must remember that by contract they cannot live there.  Landlords have the right to file a warrant of tresspass where the delinquent renter cannot be seen on their property, even to visit a friend without cause for arrest.

No one wants to see an eviction.  But, landlords must realize that even delinquent renters have some rights and among those rights is due process.


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