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Texas City woman

04/12/2008 14:25

A Texas City, Texas woman was found in her home in deplorable conditions and near death.  The story caught my eye and then I found out that I knew her.  She actually dated my uncle for a time.  She was ...sorry, is a very good woman and has helped many in times of need.


I simply cannot believe that her son would leave her there like he did. How could he be so cold?  Where was the rest of her family?  Surely they knew something was wrong.  You just don't leave someone with maggots burrowing into their skin to die that way.  It is inhumane.  I am very upset about this and I don't know just what to do next.


The police are still looking for her son who was supposed to care for her.  Things like this are part of the reason that I am trying to develop methods, for people who lack sufficient income or means to access income streams, to gain the means necessary to have the basic needs of a good life and maybe a little more.  


Nobody should have to do without.  And I mean NOBODY. 

Please help her back on her feet. Linda Sue Sainz








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