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Where to begin?

19/11/2008 15:06
Where to begin?
6:02 Am
The question is simple.  Where do I begin?  There are so many things to talk about.  Let me say first that you will find I am somewhat strong in my opinions and have a very strong sense of morals and beliefs.

Getting that aside let me tell you of my most immediate concern.  My belief is that there should not be any poverty to exist anywhere much less here in the good ol' U.S. of A.  I do not care what they say but I know there that there is enough for everyone to not eveer having to do without.

Will this mean the end of wealth?  Tell Bill Gates to wipe the sweat from his brow.  There will still be people of considerable wealth but there will simply be no street people begging for handouts.  No children will have to go bed hungry.  The sick will not suffer due to lack of insurance or money.

No, I am not talking about creating a socialistic state in America.  I am talking about using every means at our disposal, and there are much more than you know, to help each and every American to obtain the sufficient amount of income to meet all their basic needs and a few luxuries to boot.  Just think, there are millions who have never been to Disney World.

I believe it can be accomplished probably within a 20 year period.  It can only help if people can learn to work together for the common good of all mankind.  Working for pure profit has literally created havoc in our world and its economic systems.  As a society our days are numbered.

That is foremost on my mind and I am looking for like minded people and others who have ideas on how we can accomplish this goal of ending poverty.  Sorry, if it concerns charities I just don't believe that is the answer, at least I have seen no solid proof of it in the past half century.

If you would like some more insight into the mentality or persona of Mr Dprince then check out some of my articles previously written.  Sorry, they can't be reprinted here (except for a couple) but if you go to and search for articles under the name Joseph Dprince, you will find some interesting stuff.

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